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Client Covenant

Relationships are Bachmann Construction Company’s core asset. We work extremely hard to provide top quality, craftsmanship, and value on all the projects we perform. Our dedication to understanding the needs of our clients, and striving to exceed their expectations, has been the cornerstone of our operations for over 50 years. There are three key parts to our unique “client covenant,” an understanding of how we hold ourselves accountable on every project:

Create Value

Bachmann Construction Company is fully committed to making each client’s vision a total success-financially, functionally, and visually. It is our professional responsibility to address the many financial aspects of a project to ensure it remains affordable and provides an acceptable return on investment for the client. Understanding our client’s needs and goals helps us identify appropriate and cost-effective designs, features, materials, and finishes to stretch dollars while staying within budget.

Perform Responsibly

Bachmann Construction performs its work to the highest ethical and professional standards to deliver maximum value to its clients. Key goals always include:

We want every project to have zero lost-time injuries. Comprehensive safety plans are key to success.

We strive to honor all completion dates specified in the contract. Our team understands business plans, meets deadlines, and communicates issues that may impact the schedule far in advance of announced opening dates.

Simply put, we don’t cut corners. Our skilled trades people produce coveted construction that will last for generations.

We have no hidden charges and do not abuse the change-order process. Charges for any orders are reasonable and fair to the client and never used to “pad” profit.

Share Expectations

Designing a facility to meet your needs and choosing a general contractor to build it are big decisions. Bachmann Construction takes as much time as necessary to learn about your project, ask the right questions, and advise you in the best possible way about meeting your objectives. The final budget will include a reasonable profit for the company based on the application of our talent, experience, and equipment.

Executive Staff

Allan Bachmann
Naomi Bachmann
Chief Executive Officer
Noah Bachmann
Vice President of Logistics & Masonry Restoration Division
Scott Wheaton
Vice President of Integrated Services
Kayla Rosenau
Director of Human Resources and Office Manager