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Special Project Services

Bachmann Construction Company ensures you are prepared to succeed. Your special or even urgent project needs. We coordinate and manage the building process as a member of a team with the Owner, Architect, Engineers and project consultants. Bachmann Construction Company is skilled in all aspects of construction project management, in developing schedules, preparing construction estimates, performing value engineering and life-cycle costing, analyzing alternative designs, studying labor conditions, understanding construction methods and techniques, performing constructability reviews, sequencing of work, and coordinating and communicating construction activities throughout all phases to all members of the construction team large or small.

Robina Courtyard Interior

Areas of Expertise

  • Experience with the scope of work
  • Qualifications, licensure & ability to obtain permits
  • Community Partner
  • Cost estimating & management
  • Exclusions & inclusions to scope management
  • Ability to meet schedule, quality & communications expectations
  • Health & safety protocols for workers & community

Crafting Expertise

Our wood shop foreman, Danny Sickenberger, is an expert craftsman. He has been producing beautiful woodwork for Bachmann Construction for almost 30 years, and he has been a valued friend and colleague for far longer.

We are very proud of the craftsmanship demonstrated in the photos on this page. Take a look to see what we are capable of. Contact Us to discuss your upcoming project.

woodworker cutting wood