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Kayla Rosenau

Director of Human Resources and Office Manager

Kayla Rosenau is the Director of Human Resources and Office Manager for Bachmann Construction Company. She is responsible for the payroll department, office relations, insurance tracking, and employee benefits at Bachmann Construction Company. She also serves on multiple teams including the IT and safety team. Kayla works with employees daily to solve professional hurdles and provide solutions. Kayla is on the Executive Team to contribute and complete companywide goals.

Before Kayla joined the Bachmann Construction family she was working for a small family owned asphalt paving company in Madison. With her prior experience with a specific division of construction, Kayla was eager to learn more about the big picture and start her career at Bachmann Construction. Before she was Bachmann’s Director of Human Resources and Office Manger, she was a Bachmann Assistant Project Manager. Being in that role was the perfect stepping stone to her current position.

Kayla enjoys to travel and stay grounded with different outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and kayaking. Her favorite travel destination is Pictured Rocks located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she is originally from.

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