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Masonry Services

Masons come from a heritage responsible for some of our most famous and significant structures in history. Masons are highly skilled craftsmen and their trade is responsible for building of castles, churches and institutions of value that have withstood the test of time across our history. Laying and binding building materials, such as brick, structural tile, concrete block, glass block, terra-cotta block and natural stone with mortar and other substances to construct or repair structures is a commitment to a way of life, not simply a career path. Bachmann Construction Company’s Masonry Services Team, embodies this heritage led by Noah Bachmann.

bricks on a wall

Areas of Expertise

  • Brick, Block and Natural Stone Masonry
  • Decorative Parging
  • Commercial and Residential Construction Types
  • Historic Preservation and Restoration

Masonry Portfolio

National Mustard Museum
Assembly, Retail, Historic Restoration
Holy Redeemer Church walls
Assembly, Historic Restoration
Garver Feed Mill Interior
Assembly, Retail, Historic Restoration