Essential Businesses to remain Operational and Open

Following the Essential Business and Operations Definition in Governor Evers' Emergency Order #12- Safer At Home, Bachmann Construction  provides Critical Tradespeople for the furtherance of Essential Activities and Essential Businesses and Operations. We continue to follow all Dane County and State Re-opening plans and procedures, and are happy to do our part to keep our employees, clients, and community safe. 

Bachmann Construction's COVID-19 Response Plan (click here)

For Subcontractors, Clients, and other Partners

COVID-19 Bachmann Construction Worksite Policy

Applies to all persons present on Bachmann project sites and all Bachmann personnel on non-Bachmann sites


Things are changing quickly, and since we are a construction company we’ve decided it’s not our role to make calls about public health. So we are going to follow CDC and Public Health recommendations and guidelines to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Effective Immediately:

  1. If you are experiencing illness, fever, cough, etc, you are not allowed onsite until you have been symptom free for 24 hours. If you are being treated by a medical professional, you should follow their medical advice for returning to work.

  2. Anyone who exhibits illness symptoms will be asked to leave the site.

  3. All organizations with personnel onsite are expected to follow these guidelines for their own employees.

  4. Unnecessary visitors to all job sites are not permitted.

  5. Additional requirements requested by our clients will be communicated per site.

  6. Job sites will have dispersed locations for all subcontractors and field personnel to have separated lunch/break locations (always maintaining the 6ft distancing). For large jobs with many personnel, you should create multiple separated locations within subcontractor and field personnel groups for lunch/breaks (ie: Group A always lunches/breaks on the west side of the building, while Group B always lunches/breaks on the east side).


  1. Add a modicum of paranoia to your hygiene routine. Wash your hands regularly (for 20 seconds with soap and water), use hand sanitizer regularly, do not hug or touch others, do not touch your face, clean common surfaces as often as possible.

  2. For the foreseeable future, refrain from holding in person job meetings when possible. Move to conference calls and emails.  If necessary to meet onsite to review things, make sure only those who need to be present are asked to attend, and maintain appropriate physical distance between people.

  3. As events unfold, please notify us immediately of any changes to schedules, material delivery dates, or staffing.


Other than that just know that we are planning to stay open and productive while following the recommendations of the pertinent authorities. Again things are changing quickly but we think Bachmann Construction is in a good position to deal with whatever happens, it’s just going to be bit of a wild ride for the next several weeks.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


We look forward to a busy summer!

Naomi Kroth - Project Manager & Vice President


What we are doing for our employees...

I wanted to reach out and say Good Job and Hang In There. We made it through Week 1. Whew.


Important Changes:

  1. Starting on Tuesday 3/24 we are moving to two shifts for all office personnel- Morning and Afternoon. It DOES NOT mean you need to be in the office at this time (everyone is still welcome to work from home). It means you CANNOT be in the office during the other shift’s time.  Morning shift is welcome to start earlier if they want, Afternoon shift is welcome to stay later if they want. You CANNOT overlap, noon is a hard switch. At 5am, 11am, and 5pm all communal surfaces will be sanitized to the best of our ability. 

  2. No field personnel are allowed into the office side of the building. Office personnel are not allowed into the back shop. The doors between the woodshop and the office, and the expediting area and the office will be locked. Use phone calls, leave things outside for one another. Again, our purpose is to limit close contact as much as possible.

  3. Open Air office: If you absolutely need to meet in person with office and field personnel there is a make shift plan table set up in the mechanics shop. Please leave the overhead door open while you meet and maintain social distancing. (Necessary onsite job meetings are also allowed, but you must observes social distancing, no more than 10 people physically present, only those absolutely necessary should attend)

  4. Front Door will be locked. Deliveries can be left on the table that will be next to the front door. If you need to come inside you can knock or call the main office number to be let in.

  5. Please turn in all time cards and receipts electronically. For now either scan or take a picture of the time card/receipt and email it to the office. 

  6. DO NOT go into people’s private offices. Each persons office is now their own responsibility to clean and take out the garbage.

  7. Be mindful of the front desk area. DO NOT congregate there for conversation. These folks do not have a private office to help control the safety of their personal space.

  8. There will probably be questions or considerations to the above we haven’t thought of, so please ask questions and provide feedback. We’re going to see how next week goes and likely make changes as we learn.

  9. Jobsite need to have separate locations for all subcontractors and field personel to have separated locations for lunch/break (always maintaining the 6ft distancing). For large jobs, you should create multiple separated locations for lunch/breaks (ie: Group A always lunches/breaks on the west side of the building, while Group B always lunches/breaks on the east side).


Questions for everyone. All responses will be kept confidential:

  1. If you have been here in the office, how is that going? What additional safety measure would you like to see us take beyond the measures above?

  2. For folks working from home, how is that going? Anything we can do to make that better?​

  3. Any questions about hours, PTO, unpaid leave, etc.?


More info for you:

  • As of this writing Dane County Public Health Department and the Governor’s Office continue to say we are okay to stay open, implementing social distancing and sanitizing as we have been. Again that could change, and we will continue to follow all recommendations of the pertinent authorities.

  • This is serious. Take this seriously. We’ve had our first deaths in WI due to COVID-19. So if you or someone you are close to gets a positive diagnosis please let us know ASAP. You will remain anonymous (FYI: per ADA it is illegal to disclose personal health information received as an employer) and we will take appropriate next steps. We are now required to report a positive diagnosis for any personnel working on a State project.

  • Other good information from the American General Contractors of WI for jobsite safety, and matches the directives I sent out on 3/12:

  • Make good decisions for yourself and your family. We will be very understanding and flexible during this time. The health and safety of all of our employees is our top priority. While we appreciate all of you and hope you appreciate working at this place, this is your job. Your health, well being, and family come first.


Again, thanks for all you do. We’ll get through this as a team.


Naomi Kroth - Project Manager

Our complete Construction Safety Program document can be found here.

Our Construction Safety Specification document can be found here.

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